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Our enhancement detail is aimed at those wanting to greatly intensify the look of there vehicle, whilst taking advantage of our low cost package.

This package consists of a single stage machine polish, body and wheel cleanse using pre wash and snow foam, followed by a single stage machine polish to reduce the appearance of swirl marks and imperfections.

Alongside a paintwork wipe down to remove contaminants left behind, paint sealant, glaze, wax and a wax enhancer are the final steps, which finish off the new found shine perfectly. 

Finalised by giving the wheels a coating of wax, and sealant.This package leaves the vehicle looking fresh, and amplified.

This is our most popular package, giving customers satisfaction when it comes to paint correction.
All vehicles undergo a 3 stage machine polish to ensure complete removal of all swirl marks, minor imperfections and scratches. Starting this package off with a pre wash and snow foam of the vehicle body and wheels - First step we remove the wheels and cleanse wheels and inner arches, followed by a wheel sealant and wax.

The body then under goes the 3 stage machine polish, followed by a full wipe down, removing any contaminants left on the paint. Next we coat the paint in a pre wax glaze, 2 stage paint sealant, finished off with our hand crafted carnauba wax, and a wax enhancer.
Giving you the ultimate, show room finish.

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