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Our motorbike valet package is an all in one entry valet, which covers every aspect of motorbike cleaning.

Using a pre wash and snow foam to get rid of those built up bugs and road grime, followed by a full wash and cleanse, de-grease and chain re-lube.

(Add ACF50 Treatment to this package for just £15.00 Extra)

Finished in a coating of our own handmade Carnauba Wax - The Legend, topped with a spray wax enhancer and coating.

If you are looking for a more thorough treatment, check out our SHADOW DETAIL package we can offer you.

1-2 Hour process

Price - £49.99

Our motorbike detail offers you the ultimate bike care.
All bikes under-go a full pre wash and snow foam to loosen road grime and bugs, followed by a full wash and cleanse of all areas, including exhaust, plastics, leather, wheels, swing arm, chain and paintwork.
Paintwork is then treated with a protective coating of our very own hand made wax - The Legend, and topped with a wax/protection enhancer, and other areas protected accordingly.
This package includes ACF50 Treatment and even coverage over the whole bike, although at customers request can not be applied.
Chain then re-lubed and front screen nano-coated.

4-5 hour process

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