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1080p Sports Camera
  • 1080p Sports Camera

    SKU: 03001

    Our 1080p Sports cameras are the must have accessory for anyone who does anything!
    Our customers use these cameras for activities such Racing, General Driving, Extreme Sports, Kayaking, Snowboarding, Jetskiing and more!

    With the shockproof, and waterproof (to 30 meters) case, the 2" LCD live rear screen, and the 90 minutes battery life (unless plugged in) makes this the perfect camera for just about everything!

    These cameras come with a large range of attachments:
    - 3M Pad Mounts
    - Helmet Mount
    - Handlebar Mount
    - Strap Mount
    - Cable Mount
    - And more!

    Even events such as the British Drift Championship , MOTOX, and District Rowing Clubs, use these cameras, and have done for many years.

    We offer a 2 year warranty with all our cameras, with a fair use policy.

    32GB MicroSD reccomended (Not Included)


      £39.99 Regular Price
      £20.00Sale Price
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