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Double Sided Extra-Larger Scrubber-Dub Pad

Double Sided Extra-Larger Scrubber-Dub Pad

The ultimate interior scrubbing pad! With one side offering soft, fibrelike finish to help get into deep grains and remove tough stains, whilst the other side, a soft, microfibre finish which provides a more delicate surface can be used to softer finishes, or applying protective coatings, such as leather treatment and more.

10cm x 15 cm - meaning it is one of the largest sizes available of this type of applicator/cleaning pad.

No nylon hem, eliminating risk of scratches, super absorbant and suitable for leather, plastics, vinyl and upholstery.

** Please Note, we do NOT advise this product to be used with any heavily caustic products, or strong degreasers**

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