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  • Advanced Car Starter Kit

    Our essential Advanced Car starter kit is perfect for the weekend warrior, or those looking for the ultimate package when it comes to Car Care - The bundle includes one of our 250ml hand poured high carnauba content gloss & protection waxes - The Legend.
    This kit includes everything you need to clean, protect, and maintain your cars gloss and paintwork!

    This bundle includes the following;
    - 250ml Hand Poured Carnauba Gloss & Protection Wax
    - 500ml Wheel Cleaner
    - 500ml Quick Detailer
    - 1000ml Snow Foam

    - 500ml Polish
    - 500ml Traffic Film Remover
    - 500ml Glass Cleaner

    - 1000ml Shampoo
    - 1x Imitation Lambs Wool Wash Mitt

    - 1x Large Microfibre Drying Towel
    - 1x Applicator Pads
    - 1x Detailing Brush