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Advanced Car Starter Kit

Advanced Car Starter Kit

Our essential Advanced Car starter kit is perfect for the weekend warrior, or those looking for the ultimate package when it comes to Car Care - The bundle includes one of our 250ml hand poured high carnauba content gloss & protection waxes - The Legend.
This kit includes everything you need to clean, protect, and maintain your cars gloss and paintwork!

This bundle includes the following;
- 500ml Wheel Cleaner
- 500ml Quick Detailer
- 500ml Snow Foam

- 500ml Polish
- 500ml Traffic Film Remover
- 500ml Glass Cleaner
- 500ml APC

- 500ml Shampoo
- 500ml Degreaser
- 500ml Hydrocoat
- 500ml Tyre Shine
- 500ml Upholstery Cleaner
- 1x Imitation Lambs Wool Wash Mitt

- 1x 1200GSM Drying Towel
- 1x Tyre  Shine Applicator
- 1x Applicator Pads
- 1x Detailing Brush

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